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 Who am i ?... i am PANOMAN

“Born and raised in Cape Town , i was exposed to photography at a young age and gained experience  by playing in the  field over the last few years .I was inspired to Panoramics on my Visit to PhotoKina in Germany in 2014 , I met with some Awesome Tech-Geeks from the Google Maps Team , sat through a few presentations and fell in love with the new technology of taking Google’s Streetview and bringing it inside, As of 2016 Google “see inside” was officially made available in Southern Africa and I’ve been approved & Certified as one of the first in SA to be a Google Maps Photographer and also a Google Trusted Business Verifier!”

Featured Google Maps Streetview  TRUSTED Photographer

~ Redaa Cader

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With a 360° virtual tour from a Google Street View Photographer, you are allowing web users to explore your business premises as they search on the world's most popular search engine.

Street View Trusted tours are embedded within Google Knowledge Graphs. Even if you haven’t heard of the term "Google Knowledge Graph", you’ve surely encountered it when searching for a local business. Google updated its search algorithm  to present a box on the right of search results to show local business information. When you search for a business by its name, you’ll be delivered relevant business information such as contact details, photos, location map and with Street View Trusted you will get the added option of 360° Tab in Photos

By enhancing your Google Knowledge Graph and your Verified local business listing within Google Search, you are opening your doors to potential customers 24/7. Instinctively, since humans tend to be visually oriented, your prospects will get a sense of what you offer and are more likely to convert into clients.

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